Hey people

I am sorry for shutting down my company and not working any further on my mod. I am kinda busy this year. I will surely make the mod progress after April 2014 and it may be complete some day. Till that time, I am working on a website of my very own. It is all about music. Click here if you want to visit it.
Thank you for co-operating,
[WWEFAN]Bazooka, Chief Executive Officer of the Total Conversion GTA SA – IV


Welcome to GTA SA Funk Mods. We do not create many mods, but publish them in a friendly manner. We want your game to be the best. If you have any questions, go to the Contact Us page. If you want to see our recent mods, check the other pages. Feel free to comment. We are working on our biggest total conversion ever. GTA SA – IV.
Thank you,
Yashraj Devadiga.